Green Eyed Cat


Understanding cat behaviour and behaviour modification have become increasingly popular topics over the last decade and I have a specialist interest in this field. I possess qualifications in Feline Behaviour and have many years experience working with cats whose behaviour is regarded as problematic. I am working towards an additional qualification in Advanced Feline Psychology and Behaviour. Behavioural issues ranging from aggression (towards humans or other household pets), inappropriate toileting and spraying, obsessive-compulsive behaviours and natural behaviour that is considered destructive by owners can be managed and resolved through understanding the root cause, education and action plans designed to modify behaviour. Before taking referrals all cats must have been examined by a vet to rule out physical/ medical conditions that can result in changes in behaviour and consequentially behavioural issues. Working to resolve problematic behaviour in cats requires committment and consistancy from owners. Prices for consultations can be obtained by contacting me directly.


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